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The Grey, starring Liam Neeson

The Grey, starring Liam Neeson, is such a travesty, I hardly know where to begin. This movie is so bad, it offends on so many levels, it’s so full of misinformation, I truly want my money back. In one of the first scenes, Neeson kills a wolf

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Bird Cloud by Annie Proulx

Bird Cloud, Annie Proulx

Heart Songs and Other Stories was the first Proulx book I read, and I was hooked. Then came Postcards, The Shipping News, Accordion Crimes, three collections of Wyoming Stories, and now, Bird Cloud: A Memoir. It’s not a memoir in the traditional sense, but no matter

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DEA Helicopter

War on Drugs or War Against the Citizenry?

Dressed in camouflage and bristling with high-powered weapons, a police SWAT team, looking for illegal drugs,  broke into an apartment in Columbia, Missouri.  The family dog got up from his spot on the rug and began to bark.  They shot him dead.  While the man, his wife, and small son watched, the police shot a […]

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Serena by Ron Rash

Serena, Ron Rash

The protagonist of this novel, Serena Pemberton, is evil, ruthless, loathsome,  amoral, murderous, greedy, savage, vengeful… what else can I say about her?  That she’s ambitious?   She’s that.  One other thing:  she cannot bear a child.  We can, at least, be thankful for that. This is the story of lumber barons Serena  and George Pemberton […]

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