Tiger Woods and the Men Who Eat at Krystals

The workers who have breakfast at Krystals do not believe Tiger Woods did anything wrong.  They blame the women.  “They’re lying,” one of them says.  “These women, they’re coming out of the woodwork, and they’re only doing it for money.”

I sip my coffee and keep my head low over my journal.

Krystal“Women.  They’ll be the death of you,” another says.

I hunch down in my seat.  It’s one viewpoint, I tell myself.  My eggs are very greasy this morning.  Yesterday they were wonderful.  Today, not so good.

Segue from Tiger Woods and money-grubbing, lying women to kids in foster care.  “These people who take in foster kids, they don’t care about nothin’ ‘cept the money.”

Now on to the government, but still about kids:

“These families, they give up two or three kids, then the government wants to send them ever which way so they never see each other again.”

I think I’ll take my journal someplace else tomorrow morning.  I really can’t eat these eggs.  They’re swimming in grease.

2 Responses to Tiger Woods and the Men Who Eat at Krystals

  1. Chris Svitek December 10, 2009 at 9:07 am #

    When he said “women….they’ll be the death of you” you should have dumped your greasy eggs over his head and said “yep, we can be dangerous bitches all right!”

  2. Rita Bourke December 10, 2009 at 9:37 am #


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