The Little Paris Bookshop, Nina George

This book is absolutely unique: Just imagine a man who sells books from a floating barge in the Seine. And not just books, but specific books that will heal the afflicted, soothe a broken heart, point to a path through hardship. Yet Jean Perdu, a “literary apothecary,” is unable to prescribe for himself. The sorrow of losing the woman he loved haunts him. In order to heal, he must cut his barge loose from its moorings and travel south to Provence.

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina GeorgeTraveling along the canals and rivers with a young author seized with writer’s block, his beloved books, and his two cats, Perdu seeks to fulfill a promise he made to his lover, Manon, twenty years earlier. Only after reaching the home where she once lived can he find healing, acceptance, and a reawakening of his own sexuality.

Like the waterways Jean and his friends must navigate, the book moves slowly, but it is a lovely read.

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