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Runaway Camrys, Lexus, Corollas, Tundras

A cameraman lost control of his camera on the Dave Letterman Show the other night.  It suddenly accelerated and was heading straight for Letterman’s desk when it was tackled and brought down.  Letterman dead-panned that the camera was made by Toyota. I’m glad we can laugh at this giant Toyota mess, but every day when […]

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Tiger Woods and the Men Who Eat at Krystals

The workers who have breakfast at Krystals do not believe Tiger Woods did anything wrong.  They blame the women.  “They’re lying,” one of them says.  “These women, they’re coming out of the woodwork, and they’re only doing it for money.” I sip my coffee and keep my head low over my journal. “Women.  They’ll be the death of you,” another […]

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