Sworn to Silence, Linda Castillo

Has anyone bought screen rights to this story yet?  If they haven’t, they should.

Linda Castillo sets the story in Amish Country in the dead of winter:  a brutal murderer is on loose, preying on young women.  Kate Burkholder, shunned by the Amish community years before, is the Chief of Police in the town of Painters Mill, Ohio.   It’s Kate’s job to stop the killer before he can strike again.

Sworn to Silence by Linda CastilloTownspeople believer the Slaughterhouse Killer of sixteen years ago is back.  Kate knows better, but to reveal her secret would jeopardize her job and possibly her freedom.

Castillo is such a good writer, changing points of view and tenses so seamlessly, you’re hardly aware she’s done it.  Though she’s written a number of romance suspense novels, this is her first foray into mystery.

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