More on Bonnie and Clyde

Could it be that the infamous J. Edgar Hoover, when questioning Blanche Barrow in the Des Moines jail in 1933, threatened to put out her other eye  if she didn’t rat on the Barrow Gang?  (She’d been blinded in one eye by flying glass.)

Does this sound like the CIA under the Bush/Cheney administration?  We’ll rape your mother unless you talk?  We’ll kill your children?

Last photo of Bonnie without ClydeOne reason I love this book (Jeff Guinn, Go Down Together) is there are so many parallels with today.  When Bonnie was horribly burned by leaking battery acid after a car accident, Clyde went to a drug store and bought burn salve and hydrogen peroxide.  “The purchases weren’t unusual.  Lots of people couldn’t afford doctor’s fees and tried to treat even severe injuries themselves.”  (Guinn, page 222).

Bonnie was never able to walk normally after the accident.  Because she received no therapy, the tendons in her leg shortened.  For the last 18 months of her life, she either hopped or had to be carried.

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