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Stained Glass

Pedophile Priests

Why, I wonder, have there been no acts of violence against the pedophile priests who have molested children?   Why have the fathers of these children not gone looking for their abusers, and when they found them, proceeded to beat them to within an inch of their lives? I read a story once of a family […]

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Saturday Night Live

The “Cleansing” of Language: In Defense of Certain Words

Rahm Emanuel had his head handed to him a few weeks ago when he referred to one of his political enemies as “retarded.”  Sarah Palin wanted him fired.  Rahm apologized ( and managed to hold onto his job. There is currently a campaign afoot promoted by the Special Olympics Committee to have people take a […]

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Runaway Camrys, Lexus, Corollas, Tundras

A cameraman lost control of his camera on the Dave Letterman Show the other night.  It suddenly accelerated and was heading straight for Letterman’s desk when it was tackled and brought down.  Letterman dead-panned that the camera was made by Toyota. I’m glad we can laugh at this giant Toyota mess, but every day when […]

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Going Rogue by Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, Going Rogue?

I haven’t read the book, but I’m intrigued by the title:  Sarah Palin, Going Rogue.  Intrigued, mystified, and a bit amused. Does Palin know what it means to “go rogue?”  Did she bother to look up the word in a dictionary or a thesaurus?  Or was she so impressed by Tina Fey’s performance on Saturday […]

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Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson, Honored at BMI Dinner

When Patty Griffin sang “Help Me Make It Through The Night” at the BMI dinner last night, Kris Kristofferson cried.  You could see tears running down his face. Dozens of songs, songwriters, and publishers were honored for their contributions to country music at the annual event.  But when the band played the familiar Kristofferson melodies, […]

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Lamar Alexander

Debtors Prison: Here in America

Lamar Alexander, the republican senator who once walked across Tennessee wearing a red plaid shirt, belongs to a Presbyterian Church on West End Avenue in Nashville.  I used to see him there, but lately he’s been among the missing. So have I.  Been among the missing.  I yearn to hear a message from the pulpit that addresses the things in […]

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Birds on Telephone Wires

Birds of Belle Meade

Millions of birds congregate on the telephone wires at the Belle Meade Shopping Center.  We see them in the evening when we go to Las Maracas for dinner.  They line up across three double spans of wire, birds so thick you can hardly see the wire.   It’s an amazing sight. I’ve tried to do a rough count, but it’s impossible.   New groups […]

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Coyotes just made a kill in the lower part of my yard.  I was out by the mailbox, and I heard that awful yipping, wailing, voices rising like sirens.  Where is Sarah Palin when we need her?  Off shooting wolves, no doubt.  Riding in a low-flying plane, gun stuck out window, a little lower please, come around again […]

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