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American Lion by Jon Meacham

American Lion, Jon Meacham

To read Meacham’s biography of Andrew Jackson requires that you immerse yourself in “the Petticoat wars” more deeply than I care to.  It goes on for so long, the women of Washington allied against Margaret Eaton, wife of the Secretary of War. The pettiness and silliness of these women, the slights against Margaret, their sitting […]

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War of the Rats by David L. Robbins

War of the Rats, David L. Robbins

If this book were required reading for our military, maybe our nation would finally swear off war.  The battle of Stalingrad was horrendous.  Can anyone really conceive of nearly two million casualties?   What does that look like?  David L. Robbins visited Stalingrad before he wrote this book.  He described in an interview (last CD of the […]

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Scorched Earth by David L. Robbins

Scorched Earth, David L. Robbins

This is the story of a black man whose multi-racial child is dug up from her resting place by the good deacons of the Victory Baptist Church in order that the infant might be reburied in the more appropriate “black” cemetery.  When the white church is subsequently torched, Elijah, the baby’s father, is arrested. Sound […]

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Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards, Resilience

The Maytag plant in Newton, Iowa, closed its doors in October, 2007.  On the last day, “some of the Maytagers unlaced their work boots, placed them neatly side by side, and walked to their cars in their socks, their boots symbolizing what they were leaving behind, the part that could not come with them on […]

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Last Citadel by David L. Robbins

The Last Citadel: A Novel of the Battle of Kursk

Somewhere in the far recesses of my mind I knew there was a battle between the Russians and the Germans, after Stalingrad, and that it was a battle of tanks.    Now I know a lot more.  The battle took place in Kursk, a city in southwestern Russia, and it pitted the Russian T-34s against the gargantuan German Mark VI […]

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Last photo of Bonnie without Clyde

More on Bonnie and Clyde

Could it be that the infamous J. Edgar Hoover, when questioning Blanche Barrow in the Des Moines jail in 1933, threatened to put out her other eye  if she didn’t rat on the Barrow Gang?  (She’d been blinded in one eye by flying glass.) Does this sound like the CIA under the Bush/Cheney administration?  We’ll rape […]

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Being Dead by Jim Crace

Fox Killed on Highway 70

A baby fox was killed on Highway 70 sometime Sunday night.  I saw him there on Monday morning when I drove up Nine Mile hill.  His head was so chiseled, his nose so pointed, his fur so distinctively red, he could have been sleeping.  Except that he wasn’t. On Tuesday he was still there, but there was less of him. On Wednesday,  he was no longer […]

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Go Down Together, Jeff Guinn

Bonnie And Clyde, Summer of 1932

Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, is reputed to be a student of the Great Depression.  I hope he’s read Jeff Guinn’s book, Bonnie and Clyde. In 1932, Texas was hit with dust storms that choked people and animals alike.  Women put wet sheets over windows and doors to try to prevent the dust from coming into their […]

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