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Telephone Wires

Capitalism Run Amuck

It took AT&T ten days to come to our house and attempt to fix our land line.  I say “attempt,” because it is not yet fixed.  We have to wait another ten to fifteen days for the digging crew to excavate the line in our yard and replace it. When our phone went out, we didn’t call AT&T immediately, […]

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Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards, Resilience

The Maytag plant in Newton, Iowa, closed its doors in October, 2007.  On the last day, “some of the Maytagers unlaced their work boots, placed them neatly side by side, and walked to their cars in their socks, their boots symbolizing what they were leaving behind, the part that could not come with them on […]

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Last Citadel by David L. Robbins

The Last Citadel: A Novel of the Battle of Kursk

Somewhere in the far recesses of my mind I knew there was a battle between the Russians and the Germans, after Stalingrad, and that it was a battle of tanks.    Now I know a lot more.  The battle took place in Kursk, a city in southwestern Russia, and it pitted the Russian T-34s against the gargantuan German Mark VI […]

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Birds on Telephone Wires

Birds of Belle Meade

Millions of birds congregate on the telephone wires at the Belle Meade Shopping Center.  We see them in the evening when we go to Las Maracas for dinner.  They line up across three double spans of wire, birds so thick you can hardly see the wire.   It’s an amazing sight. I’ve tried to do a rough count, but it’s impossible.   New groups […]

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Coyotes just made a kill in the lower part of my yard.  I was out by the mailbox, and I heard that awful yipping, wailing, voices rising like sirens.  Where is Sarah Palin when we need her?  Off shooting wolves, no doubt.  Riding in a low-flying plane, gun stuck out window, a little lower please, come around again […]

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In Search of Christians

Sometimes I think the work Jesus did when he walked the earth was all for naught.  Are there any Christians out there?  Has anyone actually read the beatitudes?  Where in that  best-selling-book-of-all-time does it say we should ask the nationality of a person before we offer him a glass of water? I am utterly amazed […]

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Florida Room

Illegal Aliens? Maybe. Maybe not. Who cares?

I’ve hired two Mexicans to paint the Florida room in my house.  It’s a hard job, lots of windows and trim work, sanding, old leaks that stained the sheetrock, damage from the raccoons who lived for a time in the area above the ceiling. I’ve gotten to know these men.  Both are married.  They have children.  The one who barely speaks English […]

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Canadian Flag

Drugs from Canada

If I tell you about a website where you can price medications, send prescriptions, and get your meds in the mail, have I committed a crime?  Will the police come looking for me? The website is Go there.  Compare their prices with what you’re paying in the US.  You’ll be amazed.  Fill out a questionnaire […]

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